Track Young Procurement | Sustainability in retail, Noble Achievers (VERVALLEN)

This years Procurement Day theme; Empower yourself. Let that be one of the most important steps of creating a successful sustainability strategy.

In order to do so, everyone should know the basics on how to make responsible (buying) choices in (perhaps) an environment that doesn’t consider sustainability and correct due diligence to be the standard.

What are the most common challenges, both internal and external and how do you face them? During a 45 min talk Noble Achievers will explain (based on practical experience) how a correct business culture will help map out a sustainable business strategy, throughout the entire supply chain (focused on retail).


Bodi Helling, Noble Achievers

Bodi Helling, Noble Achievers »

Junior Advisor Sustainability bij Noble Achievers
Norma Wouters - Snell, Noble Achievers

Norma Wouters - Snell, Noble Achievers »

Advisor Sustainable Business Strategies